I have began

Ihave began this homepage by only opening the comment field  for photo-blogs.
The guestbook  will hopefully reveal if I need to open sooner than  intended.
The week that has passed I have had an increasing number of new viewers.
Total amount pageviews is now  over 100 .Now feb 4th ,closing to 200.

ps my page views at Myspace had visitors from all around the world ,,,
– that´s why I write most in english .
The swedish blogg will be okay so far for swedes to check out 😉
I have a lot of prog to catch up and hope to make a separate page to be found on sidebar
or as a new category.

// birgitta who-say´s-thank-you-for-reading-me .
// did you notice I still do NOT have any fb thumbs here = peaceful I hope 😉


my guitar


sigma lens 70-300

to NIKON  3200


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