I guess

I need to write something here …
Have been busy elsewhere.
Today I bought 2 new lenses and it will be great fun to try them out .One is a macro the other a budget tele which feels good enough for me as a test to maybe invest in some bigger later on.
Prior to that  I have prepared computer and  external space to make room for new.
It is an every day challenge to keep all files organized and sorted out what they should be called and in what format and where.
On the other swed blog I just  wrote about news and newsmedia  so I better not get in there anymore.  The hour is late.
But as portraing my blog  I could place 2 images taken earlier.
The first is ,as I have heard, actually  a statue called  ’dog poo’   😉

talk I call it ’talk’.
The other I call ’see clearly’ .
I am so pleased having found more places to read debates on.
It has felt a tabu almost to go there but now I find it  interesting enough to check out and follow.
I read and try to figure out  with what arguments they fight…those pro and con ´s .
//  birgitta

see clearly

















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