How long do we have to wait ?

That is my question .
How long and how much horror do we have to take before enough is enough?
I am very pissed off and have become so anti-everything lately.
Probably I am not alone.

Check out this video and mind you this is NOT about Syria, the problem-the subject- is still so
important to adress . It seems to expand the whole time….

A few weeks ago this event took place in my country.
This beloved country filled with the best of  not only rock music . Check @ 46:50  !!!!  🙁
I have  noticed this in many tweets, comments and directly via mail, and from  dialogues too.
What kind of world are we to see ? This is cracy ! Wahhabism does not prohibit music alone, the radical islam of shia has the same ’verdict’. So dress code,food,dogs, is not all . Why music , science,litterature?
Why sharia-laws ? Why not even like laughter ?

I hate the world leaders, very much.
I hate the world and all stupid people.

Maybe Allah could just blow the whole country to nuclear sand so no one could get here anymore and no one could live here anymore. Maybe that would be the best solution 🙁

about mr Kabbani here, wonder if he is still alive? Takfiris kill all and everything that has something good within.

Zuhdi Jasser , great postings and comments on his wall

Naser Khader the former Danish politician

Mohamed Sifaoui  the journalist from the video.

And the ’imam’ from the danish mosque  listen to his preachings…  🙁

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