Genova 3

’it’s hoped that the participants in any future talks in Geneva
(if they indeed will take place), for all their shortcomings and scheming,
will address these issues with some vigor.
And the way to do that is to work with people in the region.
The people often times on the receiving end of Islamist violence.
Initiatives from Morocco, the UAE (such as the Marrakech Declaration focusing on promoting peace and protecting minorities in Muslim Lands for example, jointly convened by Morocco and the UAE)
and Jordanian efforts to counter militant Salafism, are cases in point.
These efforts, based and developed in the region, are in the long run probably going to be more important than anything dreamt up inside the Beltway or in the salons in Brussels.
–’We’d do well to remember that defeating these adversaries are going to take decades.
For that reason alone, it’s worth supporting initiatives from Western allies such as Morocco, UAE, Jordan and others.’

exerpt from article by Magnus Norell.
His twitter shows he follows a bunch of clever insightful people.
I hope his latest book is in english too !?

I found a piece of info about the city Azaz , how it now,by being cut off from road to Turkey will support kurdish forses to ally with regime. Take your time and read it all you will understand what is happening in that region.
MSM is only focusing on people fleeing, they should understand the whole picture.

Meanwhile in Mosul things continue…but I am sure many IS fighters and leaders are dead by now.
Shouldn’t the people just take over …!?



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