på samma gång som detta händer i Egypten

så tar det muslimska brödraskapet ett kliv till in i landet.

min postning på facebook som jag deletat av ilska för jag klara inte av att läsa den skitdebatten som förs där just nu.

a disgrace and …
I really hope – in my heart- these nuns never ever will get to know what some swedish women are up to today.I hope they neither will be revealed the support of the muslim brotherhood-in sweden-of today-also held by women- adding femle ’feminist ’ ’FI ’movement and political leaders…
Today is another day of grief.
Today I wish to burn my passport and apply for finnish membership.
The world has gone even more mad and in my country the education system failure seem to show the results this way.


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död FIsk

it is not a question, solely ,about how to dress …..

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