Eyes wide open

I read this interesting piece

Russia’s Syria Intervention a Blessing in Disguise for U.S.

and it is not far fetched, at all.
The scene as of today is really interesting but also terrifying.
The enemies Iran and Saudi…I think watch carefully.
Who knows if they stand still !?
Anyhow, the analyze I  ffw/ posted a few days ago seems to have taken just the turn it suggested. The one written by mr Aron Lund .
Russia went for Homs area, step 2.
People who haven´t paid attention now keeps a digi- flow telling ’ aaa Russia does not attack the IS !! ’
Well , they just do not understand.
But on the other hand, it is almost amusing to read all conspiracy theories…all reactions from the jihadists..
They have , as expected , difficulties how and where to put the anger because Russia now has involved and not their enemy n:o 1.
Oh my god .

Still…it is horrible to understand all casualties will increase even more , or would they anyhow ?
Is it worth getting rid of both nusra and IS  or what could happen if they were to take over ?
Obviously the minorities left would be exterminated for good.
That is for sure.



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