When looking at these numbers ,,,it can give you hints of various estimations .
Thus if things run accordingly past history and accordingly the estimated population growth.
What happens if there will occur an increasing number of natural catastrophes and civil wars ?
It feels horrible to realize that would decrease numbers a bit in a positive way for mother earth.
Sometimes I wonder if our world leaders have that in mind when they let all wars to pass !?
Could it be the fact they now let muslims kill muslims as the globe would benefit from that ??
Really ?
Sometimes one can get those wonderings as nothing else seems to be the reason…
Surely it is about the oil-weapon-drug and the mastering of that,but not entirely …!??
Saudi will only bother about Saudi because so far one can see all the wealth they have built has not been spread and shared not even to their ’brothers of faith’ ….
Greed greed greed and us smaller countries in Europe are dragged into all shit there is .
We should unite and begin to take care of ourselves in order to be able to help out at all in the long run.  Our ways to help out should never be to support warriors -as the jihadists in Syria.We should only support people being trapped in and due war. Clean water & schools is a good start despite it is in refugee camps.
To me aid should not just be about current it should look at perspectives in the long run.
A refugee camp has people that are supposed to get back home one day , that should be the perspective ! Not to support -indirectly- by putting band- aids to symptoms and look away about what made the wound in the first place.
Lack of dimplomacy. Lack of  awareness. Not enough pressure on leaders.The suggested list is long.
It is estimated that education,clean water and food would decrease birthrates and also increase health…so : again :
Why not go for it if the question is or ever will be about sharing wealth !?
I think , my opinion is ,we are not to be held for any more accusations used against us to make us take on the whole world. We should not feel  guilt as long as we do our best.
One century ago the western world was also poor and people migrated to get a better life. At that time we were less all in all.
Adding to that the ottoman empire crashed for reasons they can hardly blame us who not even existed back then !!  So why are they bullshitting us all the time ? A war was won and yes there were British and French mandates dividing land which they left later ,,,dividing together with countries as Egypt not to forget. WW2 again, yes war makes people take parts and either you win or you loose.
The ottoman empire has never paid their debths to all people, all ethnic cleansing ..all robbery and murders they committed way back. The western world does not hunt muslims for what their former leaders /sultans and emirs did hundreds of years ago. They did acts for centuries and now the argument of ’colonialism’ strangely only is about one century back in time … – I f we would get into that , the timetable  is on the side of my part of the world as we have developed way faster due to  r e a s o n a n d s c i e n s e , e d u c a t i o n a n d  l e t t i n g g o o f b i b l e t e x t i n g a n d k e e p i n g r e l i g i o n  o u t o f p o l i t i c s.
Reformation , reforms, and constant improving, the will to find better solutions is built upon the idea quriosity and questioning and research  is healthy.
Today muslims leaders cry about things they would have handled ten times worse had they had the position to do it. The possible outcome would have been even worse had they been there in the middle east post ww1 and ww2. And to me ,I wonder , if it was such a success story ( the empire)why were there so many countries claiming self -independence after ww1 and ww2 ?
The question asked about
is just one way to visualize this my attempt of a blog today…

Wealth and global injustice… I repeat :
The best we can do for undeveloped countries is to spread education-democracy-and aid of healthcare/clean water..and so forth.

We can not keep on having the situation of today ! Europe and Scandinavia does not have any oil wells or a climate that gives crops three times a year. No sun that could give new energy  to fulfill the need for a population dangering to get twice or triple the size !
We will not make ends meet !!!
No one will benefit , not even a kalifate if they would take over, they would die all of them in less than century. as they are disable to rule a country and to invest and not to forget …to make inventions, work ,study and be able to make ends meet- in a new part of the world ( geographicly) they NOT share experience with. Just picture an imam handling a dogsled, no of course not -dogs are haram ! Many things here in Scandinavia is haram . THAT list I´ll do another day.
They would not survive winters to begin with. Because if one is to live here- up north- people has to work and not live of benefits decades to come.
What is the deal ?? Are we to give in ??
Is the fact ,instead people are to migrate here and there due warfare of patriarchs that are only driven by greed ???

Earlier this night I came across THIS very saddening clip .
It made me very upset and low , at first I was just numb and blank for a long while .
I got to think about how it would feel to be a jew. I did that picturing for te first time honestly because the clip made me put me in the position of that part of the  ’debate’ ….   ’**
(  I hope Kerry will make the parts to enter the negotiation table, I hope the wall will be taken down ,  hope desert will bloom of new palestinian residences all the way of red sea area – why not ? To make desert bloom they could do with a little help from Israeli neighbours ? Commerce would enrichen the area.It would be lovlely to see one day… Think about it , safe areas , schools , housing , clean water , healthcare systems .The list is long.
Or is some kind of belief- system keeping this issue back to another time era for so many ?
What has people in common , those who ones fled and made it in a western country ?

Maybe they got to study ?  *hm*

POLITICS is horrible and filled with so much hate and bullshit , lies and cover-ups…
The media only makes a story for the day and do not have in mind to get to the bottom of things.
They can easily destroy even their own agendas ,their own countries as greed comes first.
Media of  today is like paparazzis of death. The coverage gets worse for each war and makes people used to see hangings buthcherings massmurders ,churches burning, all in a pace that it makes you go numb.

Then again when looking at the stats I find it even more horrible that the questions and the debate of today has the bad taste to even let these vicious tounges to have a word !


I now feel so much anger and resentment.
The terror and wars pointing fingers here and there, not mentioning ethnic cleansing in africa, not mentioning the earlier empires and instead keeps on this bullshit discrimination and alleged victimisation of a population so big we can never imagine.

Even if one only counts 10% of them of being radicals 10% out of them  a possible threat they overgrow the number of their enemy ten times !!!!

The western world should feel ashamed not getting a firm grip of all this nonsense once and for all.
If Egypt and Syria manages to get the brotherhoods off the scene and only given a chair or two ( in democratic order) then we have won alot.Peace could come…

But we all must stand tall against their barbaric behaviour * ! ( the link is just one of many similars)

Brigitte –( her story here) yes there are many other stories like hers,this was just one of them.

I am just me having the same questions as thousand and yet thousands :
Why are the moderate muslims so quiet ?



So one question in specific is to make …
Is ’education’ to  accept only ONE holy book and a limitation of other knowledge …?
Are there areas -globally -that have more diffulties getting into our century and live alongside with same timetable as the rest of us ?  If so , what to do ?

WOULD THIS BE ONE SOLUTION ? Well I think the koran and the bible shoud be put in a library for investigations only and  used in  a history class, as a lesson of why things went wrong once….

The Venus project homepage.


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