Dange comes closer every day now…
And it is not healthy to know too much these days.
Islamists sure are crazy people….
Mid east then…
Let´s see what happens if ISIS  reaches Gaza … The only good would be that the naive lefties of the west finally could understand the difference  of  factions…and get to know the ideology for real.
They would see how even the palestinian flag would be burned and the leaders murdered.
But as far as I have read they are alreday somewhere else…those cowards.
They leave the civilians as they have done in the past.
The money are for themselves  and for building of tunnels …not for building shelters..
No proper schooling…no proper life…no democracy or secularism..
Silly western Gazan-aktivists throughout the world has been tricked into this shit for a long time now.
Let them have it and let them feel ashamed when they finally will realize all one day!
No wonder the world is still cracy

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