connections and mutual ideology

In this account you can find the support for Al-Shabab in North Africa. There are many more if you just pay attention. From there you will also see the support for Boko Haram. Do not fall for a few individuals ( in western home countries) trying to publicly reject and take a stand about the girls abducted…That is just for the sake of covering up the connections and hide them well.
Allah allows those kind of actions.

Here is a typical tweet revealing the infighting issue. The tweet-ess a naive female salafi/wahhabi …
Just read the comments and follow the guys , there are some swedes there too.

Abu ( one of the swedes) is pissed of that this female managed to get his brother´s ’ account deleted.
He now calls  her ’prostitute’…..

Here a typical foreign-insurgent thread revealing the  hate towards jews christians and shia.
Here a swed posting -what he believes should be priority nr1  -…….

This short tubeclip they share at the moment , as if it is something worth a boast ? ’Strategy’ ?
A tiny house  in the desert , probably ihanbited of sunni muslims as themselves…..
The world is still crazy part 999
Well,, considering they drop- dead everywhere they don´t have much new material.
We get to see the biggest attacks as they are finding the way to news media and alternative media.
Probably Syria  and Iraq will have these blasts going on many more years from now.
How will hey manage to clean up the area and make the takfiris leave?
Where will these foreign insurgents seek asylum when leaving hospitals of Turkey ?
I think I have a good guess.




Interesting thread about ’halal’ property

Another exmple from same ideology  / which I have bee writing about before as there are connections and support of BH by warriors in Syria.

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