congrats to kurds

I like this article very much and hope it could stay untouched by new heavy clashes….

I have no clue more than others of the outcome in Syria…
I can but wish the people will get peace one day.
By that the rebuilding of houses could continue non-stop until the country could be back on track.
This time even stronger, perhaps !?

The old man I use to chat with said ’ Syrians’ never give up , they will make it.
I have had my doubts many times.
No wonder if you think of the options ! Who can manage lunatics forever !?

This image tells me ISIS make the other factions to unite with them  and as I see it they will continue kill each other. So maybe it is a good sign?

I do not know, I am just guessing.
The profile ’Osman’  I wrote about ( in swedish) is probably dead by now and I could ,if I would ,write the story about him as I have quite alot facts to use and to ponder about. He is/was a typical terrorist.
What is bugging me the most is the ideology that is spreading in my  country.
They make islam politic and do not  stay with it as a religion.
It is disturbing as I see many do not get it !Not even the moderate muslims get it as they are fully busy with life and all that. Meanwhile those with agendas continue to infiltrate political parties.
There are now three of them and it is obvious if you look closer.

People as shias, jews, homosexuals and moderate muslims will not find themselves safe in future,not in these parties. Well let them have it. If people don´t wake up it is all their fault.
I know what´s keeping them  away.

/ Read this piece if you got a spare

I think it has alot to all of us…


When you are finished you listen to this  track , and please google for more out there.

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