compromise is a loss for some

The headline of this my little blog is my conclusion of why and what kind of underlying forces ..or you could call them disability and non-able-to …negotiating to then make agreements and spare life…
The civil war in Syria is not a civil war we normally think of as the rebels in Syria are not FROM  Syria…
That we must have in mind !!!!

Interesting news about Egypt
 ,still I do not think that country is ready just yet to leave out religious parts from the agenda…? I read on facebook the shi-ites has more secular ideas and also links with communist parties , there seem to bee many more that are willing to build up a democracy.
I wish themluck from my heart. Egypt deserves it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was interviewed this summer , an Israeli newspaper , and that article sure had a point and new perspectives for people from the west to consider. Really interesting read !

Canada  then  this is about ban of religious symbols in public buildings.
Maybe  Canada will be the country that will take the lead and first step to back off islamism of the continent over there ?

And finally Germany….this is a real threat  which leads me to think we have a long way to go before we get the peace back into Europe…if ever…
And from there go to middle east…to wish them well is just a wish, they must get to school and begin looking at the world with other perspectives. Why not turn fanathism into quriousity ?
Why not provoke them to learn about the outer space, our world?
I will end this little blog by quoting Ayaan
’In a culture dictated by honor and shame – in addition to the religious issue – defeat of any kind, accepting a compromise, is to leave the room empty-handed. Compromise is loss in this culture. It is very hard to explain this to contemporary Westerners.’

Does not sound promising,at all….

18:46 frwrd,but you get most insights checking the whole of it

Please do not believe anything from the bigger news media until there has been investigations done-
– about the alleged chemical weapos used..There are many dsiturbing facts telling it is a set-up ,
same as the previous !!

redberries soon ready

redberries soon ready

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