chapter 6

I just copy-paste from fb

Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki is one of the top-preachers that jihadis listens to and follow his word. This part 6 is not a video for us it is a message to the fighters. It is a reminder and a push to always stay in focus.
Listen to it (it might be better to not look at the images)…When you listen you will understand the war and the terror- bombings will continue least years to come. Note also ..he never mentions Saudi and Qatar .
Nor does he mention Iran (obviously as they are shi-ites) .
Note also….that the latest messages -following link->
is one of those recent posted to thousands of followers as we speak.
They are doing the jihad in steps and they are convienced 100+%.
I sometimes believe it does not help the crazy infightings are revealed to us..they have an explanation to all and everything. I also believe the part of the religion that could be reformed has a long way to go. The muslims as in ’moderate muslims’ are still too weak even if they outnumber theses guys thousand times over…they can do nothing because of danger to ownlives.
I have no answer what to do than keep an eye and expose all links to the brotherhood,to AQ affiliates and to the fundings of the war.
I really really wonder what the US will make out of it all ?
The biggest kuffars (infidels)are :
1.America 2.Israel and the jews 3.Shi-ites and all the rest of us ’unbelievers’. The western way of ife is despicable and haram.

so…according to the plan , chapter one is on in Europe. Go google all chapters.

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