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Finally I made it !

Äntligen börjar det ljusna ! Bara val av storlek på bilder och lite annat extra ’… Not all done but now Iam close 😉 A fotoblog this category will be called , every new posting can have a slideshow or one image only or a gallery preview .. ? I found a lost photo while cleaning  up my computer the… (more…)

snögubbar / Guides to winterland

’Welcome’  ! ’be my guest’  ’ have a light?   ’not listening’ *oh my*   ’Welcome back some day’   🙂 feel free to check out more images when the author of this page.. finally will get the grip of how to install a proper gallery – hopefully with preview of thumbnails ready to click to see bigger uploads… WP… (more…)

profile pic

a sunny day the sad bird let me go close enough to geta a fairly sharp image. ’Sad bird’ Next one was tricky to compose to scheme ’rule of the third’ , due to the red berrie . Still It got it fairly sharp.I call it ’questioning’. ’Questioning’ Then at last I got my new profile pic for fb !?… (more…)


      *oh * how I wish I could fly !   We all think at times ….         Some marry and stay married   and some  become grumpy old couples 😉 all images taken jan 11 am , outside my house . – had a laundry-day so I kept close . ’best shot’ in next… (more…)

Woody again

Today he was there again 🙂 Hammering and making noise ! I recorded some of it and did also get a few photo´s of him. It was a sunny day and I think he was pleased finding ….all that delicious food 🙂 Nästa bild visar det andra trädet Hacke satt i ,   och… trädformationen under honom såg ut som… (more…)

testar fotoslide

Äntligen fungerade det att lägga in en liten slideshow även i en  postning. Sparar idén om fotovisning via youtube till senare.