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all hiding

well well , sometimes birds are hiding 🙂 No new species ,still a fine winter´s day ! Got to chat with a couple from China , they were students  , studying here this semester. Always great to hear other peoples points of view 🙂


Dagens foton Hade tur att komma ganska nära men hade inte många sekunder på mej 🙂 Fin sol, bra  bakgrund , lite blåsigt bara !   Längst ner en droppe fylld ,på väg,… nästa gång kanske jag kan ta den just då den släpper ?  


I posted on facebook one of the images taken of an ice-formation. But I am not happy with it as it got too blurry. Here another one edited with more of contrast and increased sharpening. so…now I can leave it.

Iron and irony

todays image of ICE. I am sorry I will have to delete the posting called ’ice-dog’ as it seems to give me the most spam ….So I will repost the ice-dog here then and call this posting something less attractive for spam and those ’spiders’ coming from engines only targeting by  tags or what?     Today I got to… (more…)

Who ate from the birdfeed ?

Today , no Woody was to be seen. Nor the birds . But this little creature sat waiting ,next to my birdsfeed ! Next time I hope to get closer with all adjustments made on camera 🙂 and back home on top of the roof suddenly 2 birds collided. A funny look , who´s feathers are there to be seen… (more…)

En nypa salt

********************************************************* Ibland får man ta allt med en nypa salt. och räkna med att opinioner svänger hit och dit… . En del röstfiskar , och en del flyr problemen   Det som är mest skrämmande är att folk inte gitter sätta sej in i frågor. Och jag gissar folk  kommer att säga, även till mej… – ’varför sa du inget’  !?… (more…)

ISO 800 a test

I went back to the ’elephant in tree’ and figured to check out how much the increasing of ISO would show in the image , as it was late afternoon and the lense get´s to be shaky when shutterspeed  below 100 is required.    so : ISO800 here !! It worked reasonable  , but this one image I have edited… (more…)

Background and framing

Sun is bright and  the best shots are in fact taken sunset. Anyhow, these two images down below is just about to  practise using the light and choose best bakground when you go search for just about anything that contrasts heavy light and heavy white snow. The winter has not much of colours so the objects easily gets  a bit… (more…)

ice ,sun ,and woody

Hello hello ! Today’s walk got me to meet woody again , also practised the macro lense which required a whole lot of adjustments due to heavy sun and white on white objects. *the  image above ( bird+ house)  is none-cropped ,the other three I had to crop edges. This image I found funny , I call it ’is there… (more…)

Sol i sinne tillslut!

Det krävde att gå ner till ISO 100 , välja hög slutartid ,bländaröppning 6.3 till 9 och försöka ha solen i ryggen . Solglasögon är ett måste för ögona men inte bra när man ska kolla hur det blev sen i kameran! Testade fota hund i rörelse och missade på inställning av fokuspunkterna och det hade även varit bättre ha… (more…)