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may 16 may 17

    Woody hammered the top of this pole ! It scared him off due to te heavy sound of metal 🙂 Late evening sun /backlight may 16. Almost as behind bars   En bukett av skott


Yesterday I got to see  the little squirrel in the woods. I was and still am a bit anxious he will get to those nests of birds I so like. He was way too close to Woody´s nest for instance !!!   :-O But he is jolly sweet ..   And this  ever so sweet birdie gazed at me for… (more…)

loud and clear

Today the woods were really noisy And down by the lake the Black-headed Gull screamed for all kinds of reason 😉 The couple Woody´s made turns to keep the nest safe . I caught them ’in action’ once again but the images got too blurry . Still  Woody happend to land quite close afterwards ,so the best-of photo of today is… (more…)

to gather food

This posting has 4 images of birds , still a theme about various behaviour. / some need to make a plunge while others  find it in trees. most need to  jump here and there 🙂 Finally ,,,some are so busy finding a partner they hardly get time to eat at all !? bm have a nice week of work and… (more…)

Maybe I need to decide now

…about previous job offer… My money won´t last for ages so I better hurry! A few images then , todays walk -for hours- same woods- new corners;) edited-sword as it got too blurry ** A leaf from last fall now doing a flamenco ** The lake mirroring the coffeehouse  (owned by the church) ** and finally a new speies found… (more…)


Must avoid clips from war , they go into my head , and literally this image called ’beheaded’ must be one of those I ’saw’ due my thoughts are much about the war in Syria…. just a piece of a branch // Anyhow, the rain had stopped so there were no wonderful drops to catch today… I  snapped a few… (more…)

to create and invent

Lately most images has been of birds or of  ice and snow. Now the spring shows me new objects  and I find it ever so interesting to go exploring them. The fairytale needs so summon up and new ideas to take place. This piece of wood , the old stub now even more wrecked apart.. Firstly it looked like a… (more…)

Woody got some ;)

25 sec series of imagesI sure hope Woody don´t mind 😉 // the 10th photo is the best,but  I show all as a friend wanted to check out  everyone // ****** 1. ’what is going on’ 2. ’are they fighting ?’ 3….erm , not quite I figured !!  :-O 4.Woody was in fact.. 5. Busy —- 6. ’step back ’,… (more…)


I begin to feel more and more alienated lost and with no hope,nothing to trust or relate to. I feel grumpy and most of all  disapointed to all  newsmedia for not telling the truth ,not even trying to show both sides of a story. Maybe the internet can make this balanced for those who knows where to go find more… (more…)

moon double

Saturday was fine . I got to snap yet another species, a chaffinch google translate says 🙂 and also  a few of the little wagtail,this one in particular daredto come quite close 🙂 on my way home the moon was awesome.I got to snap it mirroring the river. I just did not know how to photograph it the best way… (more…)