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Roligare bilder

  No time  to blog

Water and knots

’Vatten , stan är full av vatten’ Men ett annat tema  blev knutar : och blommor i knut   mer förtöjning här   till sist en bit trä jag nu kunnat editera lite    


  the only image taken of theme piece of wood that could look like a face or something .. think I need to crop it and rotate it , then the object in it will come clean   The image below , a bit overexposed , will take care of edit when i get back home again. Still , a… (more…)

paus from facebook music and politics

Must take care of some things. by the end of the day things will sort out.   When I return Woody´s offspring are probably out there practising life on their own 🙂            

More of Woody

Check gallery transfer new  My computer is acting weird. Have difficulties upload images. bm They made several turns to the nest and I figured I did not want to disturb them more, so I left . Here he is mr Woody himself, feeding offspring 🙂     / test bildstorlek’fru hacke fredag 31a maj’  

lake area


To walk about and check out

You must keep on walking and try to get where you were heading.. Do stop at times and look at things from other perspectives it makes everything more interesting   But sometimes images says it all —-> Today´s most saddening series of photos, from Egypt this time… Check them out and think bout it ! What could we have done… (more…)


At first glance the squirrel is ever so sweet. Then I found out it was chased and had to escape ! The bird protecting her nest faught hard  ! and finally she won 🙂   bm


….. it all follows a manualof destruction it seems to be ’to grab everything you can get hold on’ and fight not to forget burn cars and destroy  as much possible. I sometimes wonder what will be left of our society ? Family and values …to protect not just your own.. But also have the time and strength and finances… (more…)


Den lilla blåmesen ruvar på ägggen 🙂   Sädesärlan ser ganska nöjd ut på den här bilden . / Och jag lyckades fånga- en nötväcka? framifrån ,vit undersida… ryggen ser ut som på bilden i fågelboken 🙂 Jepp,det borde det vara ! Sommaren är här.