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Lövsångare eller

  Talgoxen hittade fina insekter idag med. Ibland blir bakgrunden vackrare än objektet , då är det bara att klippa bilden så proportionerna balanserar sej. Måste ta bort  av nedre kanten . ***   Äntligen fick jag den på bild ! ….. Nu är frågan vilken art den här lilla gula fågeln är ? Trodde gulsparv eller gulärla men den… (more…)

grab focus

  I think he was damned sure rigt the man who claimed : ’some images you can photograph even better witha small digicam , as long as the amount of pixles is reasonable high’ . To photograph flowers is one of those objects. Maybe those I did in the beginning last year was fine enough, those done with 15-55. Autofocus… (more…)

Svårt urskilja arter ibland.

En nötväcka igen , det var knappt jag kunde se den först. Sen den här ….vilken art är det nu igen ? Inte rödstjärt ? Huvudet har inget vitt fält..Honan är ljusare… Jag hann inte zooma in tillräckligt . Måste kolla i fågelboken. Det bästa med söndagen var nog ändå att se Hacke-paret igen! Hann dock inte fokusera .Men det… (more…)

saturday evening

I could hear the music playing down town , but I did not get there. I could feel the warm water of the lake, but I did not take a swim. I could vision the playground earlier , filled with children, but I just photographed the emptiness. I went for ’difficult angles’ … …to make the image in sync.. sometimes… (more…)


Just när jag kom fram och hejade på studenten vid sjön, så fick han sen napp 🙂 Glädjen blev stor för det var hans första fisk .Men utan håv var han ,så jag tömde hans cykelkorg snabbt. Fotade lite mer  … och sen kom hunden Vilda med matte. Hon hade glatts åt fotona jag kopierat från i höst. Vidare sen… (more…)

more offsprings in nest

A great day of real vacation ! Was lucky to bounce into this fieldfare and her nest. They did not mind me being there . Insects on the other hand is horribly tricky ! You can´t get too close , then they fly away… The tele-macro lense manages 70 cm ,  but then you also have the wind and the… (more…)

taking care

    Thought today the images need no blog It´s all there 🙂

stumble and fall

There he was ! I could get quite close , as less than 1 meter  🙂 Today was his first day out of the nest now on his own  ! I was lucky to spot him . Mummy Woody turned up feeding him , just there where he was climbing up a tree . He is not able to fly… (more…)

Mouths to feed

Everywhere there are offspring fed. They call and they whine and day by day they grow. Fieldfares ,sparrows and the woodpecker family. worms for dinner : and finally a figurine . I call it ’ Mumin ’ 🙂   bm  

Bugs and lenses part 2

It went to be a trick ! Harsh light and windy ,one should not even try to get sharp-enough images of tiny insects…at all !? The dragonfly was beautiful but I did not get to focus on the head , image therefore edited *hm* Next off   a fly , –  will try to get better angle next time, still… (more…)