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Osman in english

One of the swedish jihadists I am following..was also found by reddit. Here is an overview how it all started   (the overview of reddits encounter with him) For me ,it was a short tubeclip six months earlier…sept 2013… I was folloving the war in Syria..and was upset because of the black flag  had been put outside a mosque in Sweden…. I… (more…)

No sorry

I do no longer track terrorists and their supporters… They are way too many and the thing itself puts you in a dangerous situation.. Sorry. I just try to grasp how this could happen in the first place..and I try to get a hang how the Syrian war will end -if ever… The IS ’issue’ takes fokus from many people… (more…)

beyond horrible

The world is still mad The world leaders with no strength.. People fighting about Gaza…and not far away even  worse things happen enough is enough ! One can track individuals by time of  event, clothing watches ,ring on finger, cap, personal style of clothing…eye brows   body length…so forth  the weapons not to forget  and the faction..usually same guys together.… (more…)


Dange comes closer every day now… And it is not healthy to know too much these days. Islamists sure are crazy people…. // Mid east then… Let´s see what happens if ISIS  reaches Gaza … The only good would be that the naive lefties of the west finally could understand the difference  of  factions…and get to know the ideology for… (more…)

The elephant in the room

One of the elephants in the room of Sweden is called:’The infiltration of salafism-wahhabism’.It´s connections has even reached ISIS in Syria and Iraq !The other fraction has the same ideology but via the Muslim Brotherhood. Jabath Al-Nusra Front.Radical sunni muslims has infightings going on here now. The shias are left outside as they are considered ’non-muslims’ kafir , pigs so… (more…)


It is dangerous to know too much

12:30 26:20

At least pay attention a few minutes from there I am reposting again as I see folks just do not get it. It is a PRO secular normal muslim -video  ! Those who can not , because they are afraid of their own ’ brothers and sister’  of faith… …can not share and speak the truth… Those voices are for US… (more…)


much of what I have been picturing. A very informative interview here. I try to get most of what I repost or comment  …I try to take their own sources. No ’as being said’- perspectives. The best overlooking is to follow a few persons and let time and current news pass. You get to see what they react upon, how they… (more…)

Defeated and brainwashed

The terrorists are cornered but they will not give up the fight just yet. I must check how the election has been proceeding. What is the option ? To ’wait’ untl all takfiris have left ? // Tariq Ramadan avoids using the words behead and murder… I am at the moment into checking up him and some other ’fellas’ that has… (more…)

connections and mutual ideology

In this account you can find the support for Al-Shabab in North Africa. There are many more if you just pay attention. From there you will also see the support for Boko Haram. Do not fall for a few individuals ( in western home countries) trying to publicly reject and take a stand about the girls abducted…That is just for… (more…)