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About the Texas shooting

Read here and check this out The story will go on like this many times over and over and over … Our leaders does not seem to care , at all.

SIDA funding terrorism

’In other words, Sweden has provided a university that is a terrorist and anti-Semitic stronghold for Hamas with a labor force, and has paid for it. Swedish tax money has paid the wages of academics in universities like IUG, and in hospitals and institutions in local municipalities. Instead of using relief money for job creation and true peace efforts for… (more…)

A must read

This article. We are in this together , all of us. The pull-effect is just one aspect. We are not going to make it if our rulers don´t face the reality soon. Too many things have gone too far already. The extremists are one of those dangers. The war in the middle east will last for decades to come, so… (more…)

Swedes involved

here too. …    🙁 One may wonder how things will turn out….. The article is very accurate I trust the writer (swed)  Aron Lund , and I trust Joshua Landis as he has been spot on for a long time now. // bm Googla Joshua Landis och Issa ni svenska läsare..så ser ni kopplingarna till IFiS/SUM i landet  🙁 Ps,… (more…)

Is this a way to promote islam ?

When reading THIS  , I realize IS will indeed pulverize islam and make the world  even worse. They won´t achieve anything but disaster and by all means…the infightings -in the levant- are on 24/7 since 2013. Should not that part be enough ? One jihadist wrote Morroco is next, well that was about the attack on this part of the… (more…)


Past attack in Tunisia is already forgotten here in Sweden. None of the bigger newspapers writes anything about it today. I found THIS one from the Guardian.  Thank you Guardian. It is all so clear, the arab spring went wrong -from the MB perspective -but in Tunisia people chose a better way. Maybe that is why IS /ideology is there… (more…)

The radical muslims in Sweden

I just summorize my conclusions. In Sweden , today, we have four groups of radical muslims. They are in conflict with each other -what can you expect? Probably there will be murders committed and those to blame will not be them but us ( us none-muslims)… -Why? : Due to the mainstream media always looking at wrong direction. No matter… (more…)


Kassig… Oh how horrible the wait for his parents….Will they get him back home alive ?? This tweet make me feel so bad so bad… she is addressing baghdadi and also tries to get through a message via the jihadis over there…the murderers… Out of 18 names tagged at least 2 are of swedish origin… (citizenship)… I have no words… (more…)

The Kurds

,again an interesting article. Please read ’How should Israelis and Jews approach the idea of an independent Kurdish state? I argue that if there is one state that should support the idea of an independent Kurdistan in Iraq it is Israel, for various moral, political, economic, and strategic reasons. Morally speaking, the Kurds of Iraq were oppressed and persecuted by… (more…)

I still remember his shoe

A story so cruel   still it make you wonder if miracles do happen at times. I believe and I hope there will be a trial..a Haag trial and all those survivors from the ISis act of hell…. I hope they will be ready to witness. There are loads of videos the terrorists has made themselves…and by intelligence they sure will… (more…)