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a simple tweet

”nearly all our assumptions about Syria crisis have been wrong.”   We told you so. Many times. Why did’nt you listen ? We are many who understood it as early as late 2011/2012 ,. We read the news from both sides, that´s the trick. bm ’ am just a former old nurse checking the flow’  

Daesh to Europe ?

I do not know , but , of course  there is a risk those fleeing end up in the west. That´s what this guy is hinting. The issue will be threats not only to innocent civilians but also the internal fighting increasing on our territories. We already have those infightings , still not escalated though. Here another point of view… (more…)


Funding shortage I read, and have read it from various news lately…. What are we doing and how are the priorities !? I ask , I just ask  and I feel worried. It has all gone to an extreme and most people are just in for ’looking good’ as in  ’do_god_ers’. That is my point of view !   🙁 The… (more…)

An opinion of Bilal Abdul Kareem

Read this It makes one think about it. He has a say . ’My position is such that the men of Syria should not be running to Europe or any other country at this time. If they want to move their families to safer locations abroad, then that’s fine.  However, they should be made to come back to Syria and sort… (more…)

Abu Bakr Life Of Mujahid

I haven’t heard his voice before and now one year later if feels kind of weard. *EDIT* maybe it is not ’abu waheeb’ , the image is on the webpage though here-> the first episode too. // Well if it is him then : He is the one that shot the three truck drivers. In this clip( he) really reveals what I… (more…)

Standing fatwas

Here is another perspective concerning the role of Turkey in the war in ME. The insurgents aka those fighting daesh and gets fought both by SAA and the coalition…(and  daesh aswell). So these nusra front (AQ) and their allied factions are troubled and so are daesh. The infighting is still a mess and I am not into digging too deep… (more…)

short update

Sorry I haven’t been taking care of this part of the blog in english. So today I will only add a new analyst that I found recently , he is most interesting. Here is the article ’ The trouble with Turkey’ , I ’d rather put it.. As Turkey will have a lot to explain and pay4. Here  is his twitter… (more…)

Cameron plus Putin

Well well , what do you know !? Read this And check THIS out . % to be considered …for sure… Finally I post a link to Maajid     and Joshua Landis . Go from there and find out more by yourself. // bm


Fire ,he said. Listen to Hitchens, listen carefully ! But the way and the time people leave it be and not even think about the consequences of not taking action.. That will eventually make our part of the world to crack down. .

Us and them

Yesterday I posted the first link about the Texas shooting… Today I see some of the the newsmedia  has found more details…no news to me ! So… scrolling through the swedes supporting jihad gives me the same connections and same kind of opinions… Via this guy (a swede)who is also connected to various organizations such as ’solidaritetscenter’… There one can find people… (more…)