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Russia sharing

I just found this short text ,and it made me laugh. ’ Paint Makes Difference 🙂 So ’russian’, don´t you think !? A bit brusque and a bit of sarcasm with a few words used. Sorry for my poor english. Anyhow. Back to war issues. I do not like conspiracy theories but I always check them out. This one though…might… (more…)

japanese kids

I got to read this sweet and most interesting piece. ’Why Japanese Kids can walk to school alone’ ’Taking responsibility for shared spaces means that children have pride of ownership and understand in a concrete way the consequences of making a mess, since they’ll have to clean it up themselves. This ethic extends to public space more broadly (one reason… (more…)

and the war continues

”We will not only continue strikes…, we will also increase their intensity,” he said. These days the source of info tells the same kind of same stories. Nevertheless, one should always look around for opposite opinions. My concern since the beginning has been, the situation of the minorities. Especially the women and children. / Also the infighting continues..I ffw this justepaste… (more…)

Eyes wide open

I read this interesting piece Russia’s Syria Intervention a Blessing in Disguise for U.S. and it is not far fetched, at all. The scene as of today is really interesting but also terrifying. The enemies Iran and Saudi…I think watch carefully. Who knows if they stand still !? Anyhow, the analyze I  ffw/ posted a few days ago seems to have… (more…)


Well , so now they’ve had the meeting. Me,a laywoman trying to analyze, yet only considering myself as an amateur. So I just forward some info . quote Putin : ’“Russia will not participate in any troop operations in the territory of Syria or in any other states. Well, at least we don’t plan on it right now….” Putin has set… (more…)

IS plus music do not match

or rather the choice of an event where to get as many ’infidels’ possible… Is to strike where they gather in crowds. (throngs) France is still the hotspot for attackers, as we have been witnessing recent years. I have read the arguments from various jihadists, and they all speak the same. The United States is the ultimate place to strike but France… (more…)

Putin deals with everyone

JP writing’ Netanyahu’s meeting with Putin focused mainly on the Israel’s northern border, with fears of Hezbollah attaining lethal weapons in Syria with help from Iran. ’Netanyahu said the purpose of the meeting was to prevent “misunderstandings” between IDF and Russian forces. “We established a mechanism to prevent those misunderstandings,” he said, without elaborating. “This is something very important for… (more…)

In my country…

They have sponsored the radical islamism för a long time now. Also, not to forget all reactions after crimes and murders…especially held against jews and of course the freedom of speech . The media and the politicians have made it as a rule to , always, begin with big rallies shouting : We must stand against islamophobia   and so… (more…)

What is Putin up to ?

Check this out ’While destroying the mosques in Syria, Putin opens a mosque in Moscow in the presence of Erdogan and Abbas.’ …. bm

Putin involvement in Syria

Finally, I think I wrote about it 2 years ago. In fact exactly 2 years ago ! But in swedish. a total of ten blogs mentioning Putin and hoping he’d jump in and save what’s left of poor Syria. So… I found this article,written by Aron Lund, linked by  @joshua_landis  and I got interested to check it out. Yes I agree ,… (more…)