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All you need to know

about the so called peacetalks in Riyadh , Saudi kingdom. At least a good start and you get more facts than you ever would by mainstream media . So…what to say ? I think the other two negotiations are worth checking out too ! (Here one of the factions involved, the statement commented in article) Follow on twitter maybe ?… (more…)

various perspectives

extrajudicial executions someone said about…. لحظة تنفيذ الفتاة حلوة سليم عليان، عملية طعن لاحد افراد الشرطة الاسرائيلية، في مدينة بيت لحم،مستوطنة "بيتار عيليت" — ️ ♛TaReQ ❥|☪ (@tareq_gaza) November 8, 2015 @tareq_gaza @Hadimallathaat Great sister. I respect ur attack. Alhamdullah. — lemonaffan (@lemonaffan) November 8, 2015 "The threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. We will destroy… (more…)

Read Assad

At least give it/him/the article a thought. ’Since that coalition started its operation a year or so, what was the result? ISIS and al-Nusra and other like-minded organizations or groups, were expanding, expanding freely.  What was the situation after the Russians participated in fighting terrorism directly?  ISIS and al-Nusra started shrinking.’ Question 9:   Do you think ISIS can be… (more…)

run hide fight

en pedagogisk film som folk i några länder i världen bör känna till Snart får vi en likadan film fast på svenska ? bm Du kan ta bilder från den här länken, högerklicka och spara som… översätta och sen sätta upp på jobbet …? För vi kommer inte få rådgivning förrän det hänt tillräckligt många dåd. bm  

We know, because they’ve told us.

Another masterpiece on IS by Jessica Stern. What Does ISIS Really Want Now? This should be mandatory read not only for politicians but also muslims trapped within the fight. I believe everyday that passes is a day we lose. I am not sure we can handle this as our western liberal-lefties hasn’t got it clear… Many of the narrative are… (more…)

Who are you to speak ?

In my country the debate is in many ways screwed. Most of the  arguments are not based on facts. Neither they share common knowledge ,or, I might add , nor proper schooling. . Decades has passed and we have seen the decline moving to bottom . The war torn Syria gets most of the focus and by that the refugee… (more…)

Music is not haram

In my part of the world music is still allowed. But sadly we have an increasing number of citizens who are against it. According to their belief music is haram, which means not allowed. It is shirk to play ,dance ,sing and most of all music is one part of our society that they count into all what’s bad with… (more…)

negotiations from the arab shit hole

Sorry for the rude title but I wanted the picture be tied together with pieces of content. Feel free to choose. // found via joshua landis ,again an interesting piece of thorough digging I might say ! Author Aron Lund : You also get further insight to the mess of proclaimed spokesmen and all the clans, tribes and various so… (more…)

Best read of today

This article ’Why My Jordanian Students Thought I Was Lying About Judaism’ A pleasent read which can give you  some hope for the future. Also check out the clip of music.   (tip from twitter@ joshua_landis)   bm

Inside Assad’s Syria

I often go to Joshua Landis to pick up interesting  views. Inside Assad’s Syria I will check out for sure as my focus is , still, on the war there. Read this link -> —how the war began, they had a consistent narrative: That the protesters that took to the streets in 2011 had legitimate demands, but that the demonstrations were… (more…)