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2016 even bigger crisis IS losing territory and fighters. And Erdogan is pissed of @ us In Africa we won’t see any better future when it comes to ’fight extremism’. IS affiliates are already there. The war is in a bigger change  ? Jordan complains too about lack of support for their enormous effort taking on huge amount of refugees. King Abdullah II, said that… (more…)

Genova 3

’it’s hoped that the participants in any future talks in Geneva (if they indeed will take place), for all their shortcomings and scheming, will address these issues with some vigor. And the way to do that is to work with people in the region. The people often times on the receiving end of Islamist violence. Initiatives from Morocco, the UAE… (more…)

regressiv left don’t understand threat

Regressivism is the second major ideological force that we are up against @SamHarrisOrg @MaajidNawaz @_Four_Horsemen — Anthony Avice DB (@Anthony_Avice_D) January 22, 2016     Cos YPG have slogans that westerners, esp left but also anti-Muslim right, can relate. But a cancer to the revolution. Have some consistency — Ibrahim Abdurrahman (@SyedIbrahim1137) February 5, 2016   Report: Jabhat Nusra… (more…)

Abu Jandal

is the name of the guy standing to the right of  the FSA  ’opposition leader. 2.09 into you’ll hear him talking. Abu and most of his’ collegues’ joined IS later on. Read the commentfield you’ll find info about the muslim brotherhood. / Robert Ford is the guy to the left in the picture (left)     just to let… (more…)

10.5 years

#NûdemDurak – Imprisoned in Turkey for 10 Years for singing Kurdish songs #Twitterkurds — Doloroso (@Pynnha108) January 31, 2016 I See Freedom Inside The YPJ: An Interview With A YPJ Fighter   // and another  tweet here …about us ….swedes…. A tough time for Jews in Sweden: Rabbi Marmur #opinion — TorontoStar (@TorontoStar) February 2, 2016   I… (more…)

Music from shelter Music from shelter theme: Syria, and a longing for home.   ’Saed, I wish I did not leave my country Saed, I wish I stayed and did not see how weak my people became’ <iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>     facebookpage homepage


The Genova 3  here you´ll have a great summary. Again mr Aron Lund sort things out. Here a tweet that shows some of the opinions (doubt).. Detect difference betw women targeted by regime brutality and those "De Mistura" invites to be their representatives — Abdurahman Harkoush (@Abduhark) January 30, 2016   Another briefing worth a read.   And here a piece… (more…)

the cry babies

now when things get tough they call for help now they get together and only just they were killing each other forgetting about any ’common enemy’… now they will have to seek yet another option and ,one might wonder… what are they fighting for ? who are they supporting? who supports them? Shouldn’t Allah the ol’ mighty be on their… (more…)

Joshua posts jihadi tragedy

Rebels' last words before retreating from Sheikh Miskeen in southern Syria. — Joshua Landis (@joshua_landis) January 27, 2016 Hahaaahhhaaaaaahhhaaaaa Rebel infighting key to loss of Sheikh al-Miskeen. Nusra & Ahrar also fighting in Idlib as Syrian Army approaches — Joshua Landis (@joshua_landis) January 26, 2016   read commentfields from tweet and facebook adding     bm

Foreign affairs

also connects to us Five years on from the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been obliterated: — Foreign Affairs (@ForeignAffairs) January 18, 2016 Interesting read, not that I did not know from other sources picked up earlier. The muslim brotherhood works in disguise as often as in open. They are careful not to be accused… (more…)