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soon ready to fly

The nest of Woody´s  is now-a-day´s quite busy! The off-spring is calling for food all the time. He sure look like a punk-rocker  🙂 🙂 For a short while the off-spring is content , and off mum goes to find more food. Mr Woody take turns too. He sure looks great !! 🙂 🙂 bm    


At first glance the squirrel is ever so sweet. Then I found out it was chased and had to escape ! The bird protecting her nest faught hard  ! and finally she won 🙂   bm

Woody got some ;)

25 sec series of imagesI sure hope Woody don´t mind 😉 // the 10th photo is the best,but  I show all as a friend wanted to check out  everyone // ****** 1. ’what is going on’ 2. ’are they fighting ?’ 3….erm , not quite I figured !!  :-O 4.Woody was in fact.. 5. Busy —- 6. ’step back ’,… (more…)