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About Palmyra and about refugees

xxxx about Palmyra yyyy about refugees zzzz a refugee story


religion or mental illness ? another take on radicalisation chaos to Europe answers to current attacks or this one or plain criminals Much is about who is to govern after retake // I believe all articles have a say and we will see many more of those terror attacks during time of battling IS and the nusra front. bm #ISIS the… (more…)

Various tweet mars 23 2016

Denmark plans to strip radical imams of citizenship — The Independent (@Independent) March 24, 2016 Congratulation brothers and sister for the another successful strike end up with 31 dead. الله اكبر — 95-seeker (@abdulmutalib_95) March 23, 2016     A glimpse on the financial decline in Syria. — Uthman JN4Life (@UthmanJN9) March 24, 2016 The hidden blessing that… (more…)

Inside IS territory

Part one Diary 2 Diary 3   Here another piece of information… The uighurs settling in Syria. Remember who are supporting them !  

Putin said

”Putin said ’We’re going to destroy terrorism because there are 3,000 Russians fighting as jihadists in Syria. We don’t want them coming home”… Sounds fair to me Landis has been one of those mideast analysts that has had a say and also been right with forecasting. And this text is accurate too  Lavrov said ”A very special task is to… (more…)

How far will Putin go

Interesting thread here… @joshua_landis @lrozen @bensmp @deborahamos Latakia, Idlib, Aleppo are key, &the south. Already plan 2 create new crossing btwn Jordan Syria — Nabih (@nabihbulos) February 28, 2016 Yes it will be utterly interesting to see how far Russia will go as to cover up Assad … The comment about the oil says much too. As far as I… (more…)

The starling’s visit

After the escape from ISIS A great article about the refugees of Yazidis and other , the children and their PTSD…. ’ –displacement has left thousands still living in tented refugee camps nearly two years later. Around half of the 20,000 Yazidi refugees who settled in Khanke camp near Dohuk are children. The UK-based AMAR foundation wanted to help educate… (more…)

How can ISIL be defeated ?

. .   ADDING the Putin speech   Adding this forum fri february 26       bm

At the moment

in Syria the balance is in favour of president Assad. The kurds do their share and only future can tell how things will or is possible to turn in favour for a long term peace. Much is about Turkey in my opinion. The way Turkey is acting both internal and external will be in the spotlight of western media. Be… (more…)

sham calling

Let's make our way to Azaz. There we will see the final episode of "The Red Line" series — Abdurahman Hark (@Abduhark) February 16, 2016   With Allah's permission. . BIG NEWS on ur way.. if all goes well.. then tomorrow or in a couple of days.. keep the brothers in ur dua — حسين (@huzzdeasian) February 14, 2016  … (more…)