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This is silly

Every time I get lost in traffic I feel that coming before it happens ! I do still get on and hope to find that right lane…. In darkenss it does not work all too good. Yesterday I was almost hit by a truck , one of those big ones. Me  ..without proper bicycle lights and reflectors !! I must shape… (more…)

I think

** Todays talk @ dinner lead me to think I am on /into something as one of my friends also had that in mind to define… ’Who you are in person on the net and what substance,,, what ideas and causes  you are proposing’. To me it felt natural to see I am not into placing myself in any spotlight… (more…)


Welcome and feel free to return one day when I have worked on this a bit more. No need to hurry , you better stay calm  😉 I just quoted a song from the first album of  HFMC called Future Past ,. The one song I love the most is ’Fallen Empire’ still after 2 1/2 years now…I just … love it.… (more…)


heter det senste temat jag testar här. Nog är det förargligt  att det ska vara så svårt att bestämma sej för ett !! Den  sidan har fel färger och jag ska försöka få till det  i övrigt så tror  jag den har mest funktioner man kan fortsätta bygga med. Layout och användarvänlighet går tyvärr först i det här stadiet… (more…)

To build up something nowadays

can be tricky. I think I have written about it before ,,there is always one (or two) who are those dragging people around to listen out , to check in , to evaluate if they could or should join whatever the task or issue it is. Energetic people often entreprenours in some way (or the other) Creative people that often… (more…)

First off

WELCOME to read first posting here 😉 .     C// As a co-funder of Ume ArtRock Alliance I post the link here too , that comes naturally !! but the writing about it will mostly go to the swedish blog and a future guest writer here . D// Finally I wish you all a very good wintery  week . More… (more…)