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I have this idea…

Today I think I have finally got the depressive mode to ease off a bit better…I think  !? The headache was there bothering me but I needed to get out for a walk despite the heavy sun !! I got to practise new issues about how to photograph when it is ’too sunny ’. Back home the past debate was… (more…)


Listen to this !! This is a topic which is difficult . I am of the belief we need to sustain human/ the’ humansimus’. The aid for undeveloped countries is NOT to ’ only look at those that seek asylum’. Is it not better and further more budget to help out in those countries where the problems are current!? Is… (more…)

Sorry for not being online

Sorry for my absense I just have not been feeling all to well. The darkness within has got the grip but I have at last been out walking and photographing. It seems to be the only time I have a totally peaceful mind, is the time when I spot objects to snap. I could go on for hours ,which  do… (more…)

Stephen Fry

All Stephen Fry says in this tube clip  I totally  agree upon ! He says he is more of an ’humanist’ I say I am more of a realist/ atheist. Feel free and listen out ! Click HERE. adding THIS as I like to liste to new debates 🙂 / peace- from me this sunday afternoon. Dinner is on and I… (more…)

linking to another blog


Hi there ! This evening I am  linking to another blog as I still think it is very important to remind about !! // I have been doing some internet-’work’ as in replies to mail , support to friends and checking out my commitments and done my bit,my share  of current . I like it very much when I ge… (more…)

feel a bit better

The whole weekend just floated away and the darkness within kept me frozen. A few images A few  comments A few interesting debates and tv programs kept me alert enough to hang in here. as THIS ONE * Today my boss called and the next sales work will hopefully get me back on the road again. To work is to… (more…)


friday 09 am after watching a feelgood movie I landed on this program and feel it will be ever so interesting to  check out ! Click on txt  ’From youtube’ / Enjoy Trust me ..this is a seroius interview and it challenges both heart and mind . From youtube Revelation TV Interview with Richard Dawkins  


This is what I have watched tonight. the trailer . Gatekeepers …interesting , might   add more later

I have began

Ihave began this homepage by only opening the comment field  for photo-blogs. The guestbook  will hopefully reveal if I need to open sooner than  intended. The week that has passed I have had an increasing number of new viewers. Total amount pageviews is now  over 100 .Now feb 4th ,closing to 200. . ps my page views at Myspace had… (more…)

I guess

I need to write something here … Have been busy elsewhere. Today I bought 2 new lenses and it will be great fun to try them out .One is a macro the other a budget tele which feels good enough for me as a test to maybe invest in some bigger later on. Prior to that  I have prepared computer… (more…)