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A draft , maybe to a fairytale Once upon a time there was a little forest. There were numerous birds living there  making their life the best way possible. They sang all kinds of songs and they were most of the time quite happy. Some seasons times were tough but by the end of the day they all managed reasonably… (more…)

TED talks about good and evil.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THINKING IT AN DOING IT TED talks , and the quote was from te very last part about normal behaviour , about being hero in life ,maybe as the man say´s , maybe it will only happen once in life , but to be prepared to act is what we all should do. So listen to this.… (more…)

increasing unique visitors

The best thing is that the number of ’repeat visitors’ are fine too  🙂 Still..I hesitate to open my page with all those share-buttons. This  is my digital home , my place to create galleries and to write down thoughts. I need to keep my own pace. You can easily be used for other purposes. I  do not want to… (more…)

more Hitchens

an old debate before mubarak fell before the brotherhood took over LISTEN HERE 1:15 1:16….

Freedom of speech

ROWAN ATKINSON This one is great ! Did you know in my country there is an ’Agency  for cases of  discrimination’ People use it as much as they can to get a few bucks and often quite big money , just by claiming they have been insulted. //get back on this one later. // Sweden will never be the country… (more…)


FRANCE  well,,listen to the debate again, previous blog bm  

PEACE -in the name of

Listen here   These kind of seminars and debates are to me so important and also urgent. I so wish more people could at least listen out. THE KEY ISSUE , AS IN MY COUNTRY, AS IN MANY OTHER COUNTRIES IS: We do not have the manpower, the knowledge, the funding, the room , ,,, We are not capable of ’giving… (more…)


I got to listen to an interview which made my intellect all focused. The topic was mostly of  philosophic mind. When theses things happen I get so much new energy and ideas and hope , most of all I get the  support in myself ,my way to keep on  get going. To be inspired is one of the fuels that… (more…)

mrs winter story in need of a new chapter

Lately I have been busy evaluating what commitments could be something for me and what not.The options are there , still I honestly hesitate to many of them as I have been there before. The ’ energetic ’ me , the supportive me” the funny and,, at times the thinker trying to make people react and move their asses. Which… (more…)


I have read about the collaboration Swed/China in various fields… Lot of researches done , studies made so forth..  Just google. I met a student from China  the other day , very interesting talk we had ! Many of them could very well lead to opportunities and new jobs if the Chinese students could stay here… But no…apparently they have to… (more…)