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ten got shot back of head

Do they feel proud I think after shooting down 10 ’brothers of same religion of peace’ ? !!?? ’Allah Aqbar’ they add when finished… / Copy paste from my fb posting not yet in public/ The other week  10 guys were slaughtered in Syria ,,killed in a row by the rebels. So…. : One side of ’the religion of peace’… (more…)

challenge your mind

Check this one I know , it´s a long one ,so please take your time. Me ,personally I am going to watch it once more. There were so many new questions popping up in my head ,still I felt it was really a bless to finally find a video that put all those questions out there. I hope there will… (more…)

The grand fatigue

I seem not to handle too many things simultaniously as before. The fatigue gets the grip , but no worrie , I´ll sort it out . / I have been checking out the politics lately , more or less since new-years… I think I have got the grip now of how dirty and how depressive it could be, also the… (more…)

short update and boiling down main links.

Firstly this one  needs to be adressed !!! plus THIS one When Obama was elected I felt it was to be good for the sake of the world…today I am not sure at all, in fact it has become scary and he seems to be just one of those leaders all over ..too weak,too coward to think things through and… (more…)

maybe Russia could help us ?

(kidding half-seriously) … THIS is the situation in Sweden too , just a few yers  ahead from now. (I just picked up one article I don´t agree to everything said, anyhow, the message shows there must be much much more awareness to and about islam and islamism. THIS CLIP one of many makes me not  believe everything said ..either. I have… (more…)

Not care anymore

…and just watch it happen. That could be one option ? To find joy in disaster , to make one day at the time using sarcasm and irony ? It is in fact sometimes quite interesting /at times/to follow debates online and watch those who ’diminishes’ and kind of ’silences ’ the crowd that is upset and questioning todays problems…… (more…)


… Nigel Farage I am one of  his fans !  🙂 Listen here ! and one of his many bes of  😉 Trade , co-operation , being good to thie neighbour, common sense ,,,,*ah*  I totally agree on everything he says ! I wish at times ,,,quite often ,,,that we could have a politician as him in Sweden…. Maybe one… (more…)

Assad and Allah

The Syrian war.. No I do neither have answers or all info needed . Copy-paste from my update on facebook : Dear you . The war in Syria : Check out the videos and also the comments. The war is horrible and we all know past history. Sweden has 30 + young men there ’doing the jihad’ , soon they… (more…)


Lately ,maybe many months now I have distanced from much of my previous hobbies. I just have not had the interest and the focus to also listen to as much music as before. The political affairs in my country has been in my agenda, to get to know the drill.. To pay attention to the media , get to know… (more…)

Peaceful mind

No bigger images today , my writing  went better. A short stop @ fb and then off from there .The debate that I am iterested in continues every day,,and  I do see some minor changes in peoples attitudes. The bigger media still works the same but what could there be expected? The time is on the side of those who… (more…)