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Somalia and Syria

About Somalia About Syria Hope for the best ,no comment needed, just read and follow what´s happening . bm

Alawites Assad and hope for Syria

’A negotiating table is a piece of furniture some has avoided to go near world leaders should ask why’ I can recommend you to read about Syria , the history of Syria. Also read about the alawites. Read then about the Assad family and keep in mind Bashar al- Assad was born 1965 , he studied to become a doctor… (more…)

reason and science

Sometimes a good nights sleep can make wonders. The problems and all the worries finds a way out through creative thinking. You don´t need to find God to find a peace of mind. God is for comfort as a teddy bear , no harm in that. The saviour in your brain, is the part in it ,that comes with ease… (more…)

China + Sweden = wisdom

Just copy-paste my facebook update : In english then : China’s biggest problem is the huge population. However, they are working on it since long time ago. Yesterday I discussed about our countries with the student, he who is a researcher of microbiology @ university in my town. I hope something good comes out from it for the case of… (more…)

Somalia Israel and Syria

Today I just copy paste my postings from facebook. 1.About Somalia These are the women we should have helped out !!!! These are the kind of aid what we in the ’civilized world’ could do best : to support and to to provide a hand-out : to THE WOMEN firstly !!!! Instead we let the islamists into our countries fighting… (more…)


The girl effect : The clock is ticking brb another thing …. LISTEN to this speech , listen to the whole of it , please !!!!! Robinson has a DAUGHTER …thats one of the main reasons of his commitments. DO YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER ? THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE FOR HER THEN , PLEASE.


The other day a man described for me the links between usa and saudi….For instance how and why Qatar got to be ’released ’ of certain people the other day. ( Saudi just asked us of A … to fix it ) Saudi dictates more than we know. The oil and the weapon industry ( + drugs) keeps everything running….The… (more…)

First time I heard this clip

and it feels so so saddening !!!! Check this out , please And this one !! AND this one  The world is going to hell from here it seems… Why is this happening – at all ? bm

Best clip of the day :)

This kid is great !! the children are our future bm july 8th , I wish all kids / in sweden  too / could get the same spirit and the same touch of education and the hold of all information and knowledge there is… Some are to only recite the koran , no more. //// Swed from here/// BRA GJORT… (more…)

Good luck Egypt ! Honestly

BBC Washington post Another priest beheaded I so wish we could have more of the news coverage here in Sweden .. as we nowadays do in fact have connections of both good and bad with the country in spe… There are many angles the media could debate the scene and pull thoughts about ’what if´s and what- if -not,,, The… (more…)