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Read this interview with Assad sept 2013

Here a copy from facebook /the note here the link to french page Glenn Beck , a ’loudmouth’ that got emotional , indeed , I agree, one can but be emotional and horrified! I understand his way to emphasize it when he got the insight of how bad things run in Syria, how awful the jihadists behave..  🙁

Is that the case ?

Often you can wonder what our world leaders are up to… What are they fighting and with whom ? Maybe the latest internal wars in Egypt and Syria shows exactly the fight within the fight…. One for the country to stay intact and to move on with business , then dealing with the rest of the world – as they… (more…)

Rigor mortis/edit

Aug 28 edit My latest swed blog adding to this content must translate it,have no time atm // aug 25 edit This up-loader amer mosa / brown moses /seems to have more  of the horrible images from Syria –in sync with timeline…? The first one I got to see was SHAMSNN wich had posted some questionable recordings blended there…As older/previous war… (more…)

Why in earth

THIS link pretty much summons the questions one might have about ’why in earth do young people join the ’jihadists’ in an other country’ a country  they have no connections to from before other than the belief they must ’go find brothers and sisters’ of that country and fight the infidels to then win a war against their mutual enemy… (more…)

compromise is a loss for some

The headline of this my little blog is my conclusion of why and what kind of underlying forces ..or you could call them disability and non-able-to …negotiating to then make agreements and spare life… The civil war in Syria is not a civil war we normally think of as the rebels in Syria are not FROM  Syria… That we must… (more…)


på samma gång som detta händer i Egypten så tar det muslimska brödraskapet ett kliv till in i landet. min postning på facebook som jag deletat av ilska för jag klara inte av att läsa den skitdebatten som förs där just nu. ’ a disgrace and … I really hope – in my heart- these nuns never ever will get… (more…)


When looking at these numbers ,,,it can give you hints of various estimations . Thus if things run accordingly past history and accordingly the estimated population growth. What happens if there will occur an increasing number of natural catastrophes and civil wars ? It feels horrible to realize that would decrease numbers a bit in a positive way for mother… (more…)

The world is still mad

Belief or not this cleric is one of those I recommend you to listen to. He is the first one who makes a point without name-calling and pointing fingers. Neither does he ’legislate’ any side in the now upcoming civil war in Egypt. He is rather lonely in this , as the sunnis and all kinds of ’mullahs’ and other… (more…)

to look at the bright side of life

It´s all there if you want to find something amusing which also is a great description of todays politics. In every part you can find resemblances. The silly crowds, the media, the governments, the lefties of all sorts , the self proclaimed judges of samaritan acts ,the rebels,the followers and most of all the double standards and all lies. LIFE OF… (more…)

Update from facebook

I’ve been thinking about this tonight …. How Islam,,, really, is a religion -together with Catholicism -in a negative way they challenge poor mother earth and do not care about birth rates and overpopulating !!!! It is not fair and wise – globally- that humans should use propagation in this ’ war ’. … ’Miljöpartiet in Sweden’ belong to this group… (more…)