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consider this and think for yourself

If you check the smuggled video from this ISIS stronghold…. Bear in mind I have also read what and how swedish jihadis tells about it. They say ’ it is peaceful’ ,the city is cleaned up and all women wearing niqab… No music, no singing . The Quran is the only book to recite. *yay*… These extreme thoughts that some… (more…)

No date set for further talks

So the Genova 2 has ended , the article sounds pessimistic, still they write : ’–a four-point agenda for the next round, which includes fighting against terrorism, a transitional government, national institution building and national dialogue. Brahimi said both the government and the opposition agreed to the agenda’ Well it could be worse. What more is going on in the… (more…)

The world still in need of peace

En del skrivet på svenska längre ner i bloggen,men kolla videona först. / There are many videos about world population ,the growth,the poverty and often interesting views about migration…. I collect the three best of but with those I do not say they are sufficient ! First this one, to me it mostly tells USA themselves do not want to… (more…)

about balance and also proxywarfare

Check this out ! It is really interesting and informative . The program is from before Maaloula, from before the alleged gas attacks and the ww3 threat that came following… The ’read line’  which ultimately made Russia/Putin to save the face of the u.s of a…. The role of hezbolla and their support inside lebanon and also their supporting of  Syria… (more…)

No message

just a friendsrequest**********************************************************************************************************************************************************….the image (posted on my birthday ),,  the photo of a ’jihadist -wahhabi- ’chap’ does not look peaceful to me…. Neither is anything concerning terrorists… HERE is the profile  ….. No I wont´s reply on it and my thought to leave fb will not make it better ,so I better stay !

same procedure

yes ,same procedure as last killings – don´t you know the verse by now !? ’That’s not islam’ ’Do not judge all muslims for what some criminals does’ ( of course I don´t and have never done) ’the murders was a retaliation and no jihad’ ’Those are not real muslims’ ’We * condemn the brutal killings now in Kenya ’… (more…)

killing each other

In Syria the war continues and one might wonder how it all will end … Maybe these ’insurgents’ will kill off each other by the end of the day ? Sometimes I have had that thought… is it possible the Syrian forces are cleaning up terrorist the way us have had in mind before ? Maybe all those civilian lives… (more…)

Is obama abandoning christians ?

Or I could also call the blogg : ’Is Obama planning to turn the back to christianity /in america/and introducing ISLAM instead ?? If it´s not the pipe-lines what else can it be considering the horror people of christian belief is going through both in Egypt and now in Syria…. Is he really going to pull that through? Just like… (more…)

How they work

Check this out read the comment field…. Do you think Assad will make it to take down all rebel forces? I begin to doubt… Assad regime should get some help ,not the accusations that are brought upon him! But who dares to send troups as even the UN investigaton got shot at ,and a bomb was fired to their hotel…… (more…)

Putin Gadaffi and Hezbollah

To get a grip of the middle -east is difficult. Still one can try ! I gathered last links to one blog My own conclusions I have not explained fully as I find it wrong to even pretend I know more than you. I just try to get a grip….of this jigsaw-puzzled formation of wars… 1. I ran across this… (more…)