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Today I found this clip from Syria and it made me feel alot better ! Foreign ’insurgents’ aka terrorist captured and brought to jail. Civilians unleash their anger  and they surely do have my sympathy. The woman hitting with her shoes has lost a son ,she yells ’you scum terrorists, why did you come here in first place’ ’you murdered my… (more…)

Turkey sucks , badly

Listen to this ( I guess you already have listened to the leak ,here ?) Ever since the arab spring went into Syria I have had trust in ambassador mr Bashar Ja´afari. I still do. . And as far as I have learned it now all summons up ,the false flags are revealed one by one. The insurgents, the terrorists from all… (more…)


’Radicalization no longer takes place inside the town, which you can control, inside mosques, which you can control,” he said. Today, children communicate via social networks.’   To fight roots of terrorism To  me it all sounds we will get to see many actions of terror in future. After Syria there will be other places with unease. Maybe chez toi… (more…)

Listen at least twice

Take notes Try to get what he says mr T.Ramadan… ( the last part is most revealing)   To me it is obvious. Some believes they have have something ’new’ to contribute to the western civilization !? False , we are already and we have and we are doing it because it comes natural, the improving . It comes natural… (more…)

congrats to kurds

I like this article very much and hope it could stay untouched by new heavy clashes…. I have no clue more than others of the outcome in Syria… I can but wish the people will get peace one day. By that the rebuilding of houses could continue non-stop until the country could be back on track. This time even stronger,… (more…)

The real meaning

of jihad…. It is so simple to get and should not have any arguments whatever  against the will. Let´s say this comes from a superior voice and the ones adressed to should pay attention ! If not , they are not real muslims ! THIS ONE IS EVEN BETTER AS IT IS SHORTER AND MORE PRECISE I ask you to… (more…)

Wrong conclusion !

   European elites drew wrong conclusion after ww2 I hope you listen to it all , especially 6:40 TO MUSLIMS IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A ’REAL’ MUSLIM !!!! The real meaning of jihad and it says all. this is what muslims should do  !!! @prio 1 . /PEACE

chapter 6

I just copy-paste from fb // Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki is one of the top-preachers that jihadis listens to and follow his word. This part 6 is not a video for us it is a message to the fighters. It is a reminder and a push to always stay in focus. Listen to it (it might be better to not look at… (more…)

Saudi is afraid of their own foot soldiers

Check this out it sure makes you wonder… But those who fear fo real are us no wonder …if one considerers all that´s happening in the past. So..what´s the story …so far the same…Muslims kill muslims in a islamic country. I put Syria there aswell due the fact it had alot good going on. The people liked their country and… (more…)

Kurds soon to be killed again ?

The kurds are doing fine so far  but this fatwa does look bad to me ! Why  in earth all this killing due ethnicity..or race or religion. Todays real Nazis are the wahhabis  🙁 or one can call them terrorists or murderers ..all the same to me : islamists destroying life for all and everyone that want a life in… (more…)