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How long do we have to wait ?

That is my question . How long and how much horror do we have to take before enough is enough? I am very pissed off and have become so anti-everything lately. Probably I am not alone. Check out this video and mind you this is NOT about Syria, the problem-the subject- is still so important to adress . It seems to… (more…)

together and apart

In Lebanon we have same factions as in Syria and the little country has been affected  and engaged by the war due many reasons. This article does not come as a surprise to me. Read it . All these conflicts All these wars going on I just wish people would begin taking care of each other instead. The greed is probably… (more…)


I can´t leave the war just yet, so much is happening, it is almost as a movie but in a reality war-soap-opera. Raqqa  is already to be worked upon !!  Yes ! I hope they will make it fast and not let too many terrorists escape back to Europe and all other countries. I am honest here, it is a… (more…)

the AQ-ISIS split

Listen to this debate You will there find alot of issues that you might never come across before. The war in Syria affects us all. The terrorism is threatening us all, all over the world. Mr Abu Hamza was found guilty and now many ’movements’ will try to get him freed. That itself is dangerous as they are many getting fuels… (more…)

a typical jihadi’

I think this profile has it all   – if you like to get a grip of how they put all thinking together I´ll explain later Meanwhile you can watch this clip , there are many trying to explain it all. Next english blog has more links. yc birgitta

where they go wrong

when Moazzem Begg is quoted , as in this one…they  also take for granted ’ muslims’ should consider islam as an ideology, a political tool and NOT just a religion, held  on a  personal level. (Those who claim to ’represent muslims in sweden’ are totally in for fighting for MB and that is so totally wrong of them ) This swedish… (more…)

soon over ?

Assad regime took back Homs and now there is still areas undone, but mainly, one of the biggest victories so far was Homs. The terrorists claimed they would never ever leave , they´d rather get killed they said… Well , what to add, they were murderers and looters .They were not real muslims ,they were not from Syria most of them… (more…)

a Saudi columnist

has a word .   Read it and think about this : Well spoken , great words , finally  !!! ,,,but is it not a bit too late ? I see some of the swedish radical sunnis ( in the country) now reject what Boko Haram is up to. They condemn in a way one wonders why they haven´t condemned other acts… (more…)

war and crimes

war crimes , every war has rules and those breaking them have thereby committed war- crimes. Wonder how this briton will make it , will he be prosecuted in Syria and stay there imprisoned or will he be transported to UK ? How many will the international security forces get hold of before they hide themselves anonymously somewhere in the world?… (more…)

After the war new areas for conflicts

Read this article and think about it. What if ? Why not ? Consider the fact the remaining jihadist ( the terrorists) are now  suggested to leave for Libya and not go back to home-countries… To train ? To cause more trouble ? I prefer them end up in jail but nevertheless,those who will continue to fight a war for… (more…)