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Im sure all the families of the dead in Orlando are bursting with happiness i sure would be if that happened to some fag in my family — Sleeper Cell (@VictoryFront8) June 13, 2016     Gruesome. Super-patriots who congratulate #IS fanboys for murdering their fellow citizens. #OrlandoShooting — Kyle W. Orton (@KyleWOrton) June 12, 2016 And the airstrikes… (more…)


wolf attacks …. infighting and murder #SYRIA#IslamicState Executes #AlQaeda Wing #alNusra Front Fighter Abu Mujahid Biqai In #Yarmouk. #TerrorMonitor — (@Terror_Monitor) May 4, 2016 same object here,read posting /thread Khawarij killing muslims and leaving the disbelievers, Allah will deal with these criminals — أبو شمالة العثماني (@janatulnaeem222) May 4, 2016 ’this is my religious duty’ more infighting… (more…)

dictionary arabic terminology will help out if you want to understand what the jihadists tweets is about.   Read ,again, about the ghouta attack A version of these carried the nerve gas in 2013. Conspiracists said it couldn't be the govt—wouldn't fly far enough, because no nosecones. — Aron Lund (@aronlund) May 8, 2016 read thread….

Concert in Palmyra

begins @11:50   Turks get Schengen.Syrians get a tent. Erdogan wins next 20 elections. @akhbar — Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) May 4, 2016 plus thread Worrying:1- Journalists reporting like activists. 2- Activists called journalists. 3- Analysts doing propaganda for whoever pays them. — Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) April 30, 2016 plus thread STOP funding terrorists !

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"so called"modern muslims are the real enemyof islam, people like the Deen squad,Adam saleh,fouseydepressiontube — أبو شمالة الشامي (@janatulnaeem222) May 2, 2016 Thanks to the dawah of modernist today millions of Muslism think Islam is just a "religion" like Christanity or Hinduism are "religions" — Abu Umar Al-Afriqi (@AlAfreeqi) May 2, 2016     Our Ummah has Doctors getting rich… (more…)


Love of music and love of the Word of Allah cannot coexist in the same heart. One displaces the other — Akh Al-Albani (@AkhAlAlbani) April 29, 2016 France closing down mosques…is US next? — Abdullah al-Bosni (@HadzicSanel) March 28, 2016 Campaign recr jihadists #ISIS videotapes its dwarves brigade: disturbing — маяковский (@moscow_ghost) May 1, 2016   Ghouta events may… (more…)

Various news

Since 2010, the Obama administration authorized a record $60 billion in US military sales to Saudi Arabia — Mohamad Bazzi (@BazziNYU) April 24, 2016 An interesting piece of information I might say ! Bangladeshi professor murdered to death by Islamic militants – accused of "calling to atheism". — Sarah Haider (@SarahTheHaider) April 23, 2016 someone begging for fundings..–>… (more…)

Various tweets from the levant

I am not happy they lost. A regime win is bad for Syria. But one should accept the loss instead of making excuses. — Uthman JN4Life (@UthmanJN9) March 30, 2016 I have seen the image before …but where ? The mighty Caliphate of Baghdadi reached Khorasan but isnt able to feed children who are dying deu to starvation in… (more…)

So they say ?

The Revolution isn't a banner or graffiti it is a good tree rooted firmly in the hearts and it branches in the minds — Kafranbel English (@kafrev) April 1, 2016 But the infighting continues and I dare not to trust this rally. So much has been changed from bad to worse already. Here an article from 2014 .Read it… (more…)


and get back home again Read this article and think about it in a few years perspective. The best option for all sides would be to let people live where they belong. Everyone deserves a home country ! Here another article , a great read again , by Aron Lund. ’killing two birds with one stone’ I’d call it. I truly hope… (more…)

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