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new stories to be written

I have sorted out quite alot lately and now is the time to get going with the storytelling I was up to before. Firstly I found  3 images previously taken… ’The heal’ makes me think of all people having dreams of what they could have been doing, if not balley-dancing maybe something close enough ? – ’The castle’ To imagine… (more…)

various about old farming

a goat pondering? . same look here and here and that goes with me too… I am baffled about man things… those makes you stunned and worried too // Anyhow I got to photograph a little the other day. Made me think : The old way to farm might be our only way to survive in the future..  ? great info here We… (more…)

the straw

I tried to get a few insects , but it was difficult. Bladlus ? // ’the straw’ . . knopp . . droppe that was it bm


are difficult to photograph. Just a small breeze and their own move makes it hard to get close enough. this little ant was merely 3-5 mm , a miniature ant indeed ! . This one walked away from me . Also very small 10-15  mm maximum. . Finally this spider…a tiny one. The net was awesome but so fragile ! I… (more…)

the wild forest

It was said to be wilderness in the outskirts of the city, not far away from the jail. Considering the dense forest I think anyone escaping through that environment could easily loose the track where to find the way out. We left the bikes when we got close enough to begin the long walk to the water running from a… (more…)

same birds building news nests

Time runs and history repeats itself. The world is still mad but luckily,the small animals are not affected. The little blue tit has began building up the nest as last year, and she chose the same birds house down by the lake. These noisy crowd is all around , just as last year too. I flipped this piece of dried out… (more…)

almost fell into the creek again

Today I went to check out the ice-formations down by the little  creek. The sun got through the woods and I found a few to photograph. But it was slippery and I could not get close  enough. Here they are anyway : 1.   ’Olive branch’  a dark image.   I got to think of those fat imams preaching to… (more…)


They were fully occupied with eating and I could get close enough for sharp images. But the sun was harsh so I had to figure out what aperture to select. next image I lost space on left hand side so I added 1cm  ( don´t usually do that editing) Being so close  made me eager to practise more , next… (more…)


I was not the only one chasing birds today Wonder if the cat did get any ? 🙂 Insects everywhere filling up and flowers open to give away Some bees blended in by their colour Some flowers …were just beautiful

mrs Woody cleaning nest

ISO 3200 ,  shutterspeed 1/1000  Apreture 14Cloudy and windy.Well maybe 3200 is to exaggerate  a bit..still it worked !? // Today was a cloudy and a windy day. I figured I could try out to increase ISO and the shutterspeed to see  if the images could take it,- wouldt hey turn out too ’pixly’ ? – No ,not much , I… (more…)