mrs Woody cleaning nest

ISO 3200 ,  shutterspeed 1/1000  Apreture 14Cloudy and windy.Well maybe 3200 is to exaggerate  a bit..still it worked !? // Today was a cloudy and a windy day. I figured I could try out to increase ISO and the shutterspeed to see  if the images could take it,- wouldt hey turn out too ’pixly’ ? – No ,not much , I… (more…)


Eftersom Hacke Hackspett inte längre syntes till så tittade jag till ett annat bo där en talgoxe matat på för fullt. Men eftersom den inte heller syntes till fick jag nöja mej med en välvillig sädesärla 🙂 Den flyttade sej bara ikring där jag stod så jag gissade på att den bevakade ett revir. Så jag drog vidare. Lägger till… (more…)

soon ready to fly

The nest of Woody´s  is now-a-day´s quite busy! The off-spring is calling for food all the time. He sure look like a punk-rocker  🙂 🙂 For a short while the off-spring is content , and off mum goes to find more food. Mr Woody take turns too. He sure looks great !! 🙂 🙂 bm    

More of Woody

Check gallery transfer new  My computer is acting weird. Have difficulties upload images. bm They made several turns to the nest and I figured I did not want to disturb them more, so I left . Here he is mr Woody himself, feeding offspring 🙂     / test bildstorlek’fru hacke fredag 31a maj’  


At first glance the squirrel is ever so sweet. Then I found out it was chased and had to escape ! The bird protecting her nest faught hard  ! and finally she won 🙂   bm

loud and clear

Today the woods were really noisy And down by the lake the Black-headed Gull screamed for all kinds of reason 😉 The couple Woody´s made turns to keep the nest safe . I caught them ’in action’ once again but the images got too blurry . Still  Woody happend to land quite close afterwards ,so the best-of photo of today is… (more…)

Woody got some ;)

25 sec series of imagesI sure hope Woody don´t mind 😉 // the 10th photo is the best,but  I show all as a friend wanted to check out  everyone // ****** 1. ’what is going on’ 2. ’are they fighting ?’ 3….erm , not quite I figured !!  :-O 4.Woody was in fact.. 5. Busy —- 6. ’step back ’,… (more…)

Spring bath

First off this lovely happy dog.  Great to practice shutterspeed 🙂 Next off the little bird that suddenly took a bath !!! 🙂 And finally on my way home fromthe woods I almost bumped into Woody !! He was so close and not yet on thevery top of the tree. A fine day indeed !:)  

moving targets :)

Today on my way home  got to stop and watch skater´s , did a test how much shutter speed a sharp-enough image would require. Bright afternoon-sun , iso 100 , F9 or 11 , sh 350 -400   and the birds were there , also aeroplanes , great to practice focus following object. Last image I made a bit different… (more…)

Same same but different

Same  birds different trees 🙂 Blue tit   Great tit and one ice formation F7.1  1/160 iso 200 Sigma tele 70-300 macro lite blurrigt på näbb och vingspets men nu funkar fokuset bättre igen. Fler fokus punkter går bara få in med nikkor?