and the war continues

”We will not only continue strikes…, we will also increase their intensity,” he said.

These days the source of info tells the same kind of same stories.
Nevertheless, one should always look around for opposite opinions.

My concern since the beginning has been, the situation of the minorities.
Especially the women and children.


Also the infighting continues..I ffw this justepaste from today okt 3 2015.
Many jihadists use the date from past .

Here some tweets I just picked up from the flow.
Took me only a few minutes to do that .

The first is quite accurate I think …

I read the  (new) accusations nowadays has reached the Kurds  and obviously the Russian airforce.
Aka collateral damage.
Accusations of killing /aiming civilians , especially children ,leaving out their own ’role’ of involvement…
Last year it was the SAA and the usual suspects of course.
The number one enemy.
What I  haven´t read since (almost) two years back is the accusations of Israel being behind all evil.

Well , even the jihadists cannot keep up counting all their enemies as these are practically everyone including some of their own brothers of faith.

I see more and more of western(ex?) islamists now posting anti-violence tweets. As this one.
åsikt av britt konvertit 2015


As much a good sign but also a disturbing one…
Regarding we have all these lunatics living amongst us nowadays.

Back to posting…here a tweet on ’how they cry’
hjärtskärande klagan mot ry

More here , about Russian intent.
ranieri om ry holy war finna artikel om dt

And another thought to that..
om ry okt

no need for further comment
just check this hint
russia no one to blame when reach moscow

Last year all factions yearned to get hold of an american as they so wished
the us would set boots on the ground…

There is also information about terrorists giving in …
Well that, I remember, has been happening since 2012.
I wonder where IS with families escape ?


bm okt3 2015

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