almost fell into the creek again

Today I went to check out the ice-formations down by the little  creek.
The sun got through the woods and I found a few to photograph.
But it was slippery and I could not get close  enough. Here they are anyway :

1.   ’Olive branch’  a dark image.

olive branch 1


I got to think of those fat imams preaching to future jihdis.
The islamists are keeping my mind busy and I will never get it, how they legitimate murder in the name  of Allah. Islam ,they say is a religion of peace !?

2. Is called ’spy’

spion Medium Web view

I keep my eyes wide open and I listen out carefully to all the words they say.

Now a brighter image :

3.’ Spring Guernica’ I call it.
It first got the headline ’ horse with ass apart’
guernica Medium Web view

The slippery surface made me almost hit the creek again as I did three yers ago .
But I managed to crawl back not loosing my Nikon into the water.

4. ’Ice with natural backlight  of sunbeams ’
is med genomslpp

That was about it

The woods, some sun, the snow partly gone and the last remainings of ice !
Think I like the guernica best…

This is the first shot  before zooming in too much.

horse with ass apart Medium Web view

Maybe it is even better despite the  green bough infront ?

Spring Umeå mars 24 .


I leave the rest of ice images for later.

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