All you need to know

about the so called peacetalks in Riyadh , Saudi kingdom.

At least a good start and you get more facts than you ever would by mainstream media .
So…what to say ?
I think the other two negotiations are worth checking out too !

(Here one of the factions involved, the statement commented in article)

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The interesting part will be, obviously, what IS will do if rebel factions begin contemplating other type of ruling of Syria…And what if they are in for leaving the sectarianism, the infighting…and begin planning for a future ?
A life here and now and not in the here after ?
You never know , do you ?
(Here some ’info’ from IS)

I reread the piece about the lost generation….
Considering what it actually says in the text…
’Five years ago, Syria had one of the highest primary school enrollment rates in the Arab world and a literacy rate that surpassed the regional average to reach 90 percent for both men and women’
Think about that ! I strongly believe many has thought of Syria as undeveloped country and by far it never was!
Today many parts in ruins  🙁

Damned war !
May there be peace and the industry would bloom.
May refugees move back home again !
Maybe I could go visit the monastery in  Maaloula before I die ?

I  post another article which also describes the ,hopefully, last ’rebel’held Homs now 2 gov control..
The text summons about the Riyadh meeting too.
Homs is interesting for me as I remember the muslim brotherhoods of sweden being pissed of first time the ’rebels’ had to leave. It is all back and forth..back and forth.
I read many tweets complaining but also some revealing there were most non-syrian jihadis there…
What to say ?
I hope there will be many former fighters revealing what really happens/happened in the warzones


This last tweep i post just for’ fun’? , the profile probably trolling but it also makes me sad we are having these issues in my old  hometown….. 🙁



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