After the war new areas for conflicts

Read this article and think about it.
What if ? Why not ?
Consider the fact the remaining jihadist ( the terrorists) are now  suggested to leave for Libya and not go back to home-countries… To train ? To cause more trouble ?
I prefer them end up in jail but nevertheless,those who will continue to fight a war for islam somewhere else will also continue to spill blood, to murder in the name of Allah and obviously be used as footsoldiers to emirs and others who will benefit from the weapon- and- drug deals.. No news , that will be on for many years to come.
Hopefully the west now will fully understand what they can do back here and what they are already building up?
All infiltration and all conflicts following…we won´t have a peaceful future that is for sure.
I see in my own country the constant media huzzle, the constant conflicts flooding , everywhere islamists act they cause trouble.



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