I can´t leave the war just yet, so much is happening, it is almost as a movie but in a reality war-soap-opera.

Raqqa  is already to be worked upon !!  Yes ! I hope they will make it fast and not let too many terrorists escape back to Europe and all other countries.
I am honest here, it is a win win to treat them just as bad they have been behaving to Syria, to other  muslims, to their own religion…and most of all the way they fill people world-over with fear. They act as lunatics you cannot have a dialogue with. You can never trust these guys.
Boko Haram are to get the same treatment too I read somewhere. Congrats to ’Shaytan’,now he will get company down there in hot hell . The hottest babes are the one burning isn´t that the case !?

will fill in more later

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