Abu Jandal

is the name of the guy standing to the right of  the FSA  ’opposition leader.
2.09 into you’ll hear him talking. Abu and most of his’ collegues’ joined IS later on.
Read the commentfield you’ll find info about the muslim brotherhood.
Robert Ford is the guy to the left in the picture (left)



just to let you know.
The vid can still be found @ liveleak too.
This was prior the worst infightings and also prior to ISIS getting grip .
FSA collaborated with any factions . And the us thought , to this very day, there are ’moderate’ rebels..

another tweeet here.
I remember the attacks on university in aleppo 2012  ..the horror delivered early in the uprising…

Today the attacks on education is still on , mixed with the usual secterianism.

Here another thread ,interesting read.

You never know about the future , do you ?

is there a god anywhere ?

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