a Saudi columnist

has a word .   Read it and think about this :

Well spoken , great words , finally  !!! ,,,but is it not a bit too late ?

I see some of the swedish radical sunnis ( in the country) now reject what Boko Haram is up to.
They condemn in a way one wonders why they haven´t condemned other acts just as cruel as this one ?
No , they even went defending some of the most horrible killings in Syria by questioning ’ who’ the victims were, if they were kufars it was okay. And by the way many swedish radicals has pointed out to their brothers and sisters to remember to call the executions ’ punishment and not the real name of it, the murder, the war crimes they were and still are.
In the video about the truck drivers one can today read more about the disgusting event that took place.
They guy commiting it is seen as a raw model, he is seen as an idol.
Think about what I just wrote :
Some of the most horrible acts done in Syria is seen as honorable killings !
The list is long and not only car bombings are shown in the numerous promo videos seen all over.
Swedish terrorists has pictured the truck driver sequence many times and they have inserted the last minute of the shootings in the center part , so the video with all seductive speeches and songs …the imanges of ’fighters for allah’ will look great.

the world is still ubercracy
( swedish terrorists in Syria does NOT condemn BH, not all of them )

Does the article make any difference ?
Would it not be better for the ’jihadis’ to move to north africa and kill off all Boko Haram and Al- Shababs ?
I am just suggesting it , they are – anyway- up to kill off each other !?
It would be peaceful to the rest of us ’ kufars’ to see them committing crimes somewhere else where they woud finally dissapear from this earth.
I think that might be the real use of them and it could very well be predicted in the holy koran. It has a passage of seven years of the devil causing trouble. Maybe we are in the end of those seven years now ?
Or has the horror just begun ?






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